The Library is Open!

    - We are open during our regular hours.

  - We kindly request that all visitors wear a face covering.

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Johnson Public Library

Library Hours

                 Tuesday   10-5

            Wednesday   11-6
            Thursday   10-5

            Friday   10-5

            Saturday   10-1


Youth programs are on hold until further notice.

Borrow Snowshoes!  

The library has several pairs of  snowshoes available for patrons to borrow in multiple sizes.  Come check out a pair today and give snowshoeing a try!

Checkout a firewood moisture meter!

The Library has  a firewood moisture meter available for checkout. Borrowers can use the small hand-held meters to test firewood at home to make sure it is dry enough to burn safely and efficiently. Burning firewood that has not been dried properly makes it more expensive to heat a home and causes poor air quality.

Borrow the Kill a Watt - Electricity Usage Monitor! 

Wondering how much electricity an appliance or particular device in your house is using?  Looking for ways to decrease your power bill?  Check out our Kill-a-Watt Electricity Monitor!